About Us

Guaranteed the best coupons and cashback rates, along with the best customer service.

Oydada.com is not just a free online platform that gives customers money back when they shop. Oydada.com offers thousands of ways to earn money on your purchases, no matter what you buy - whether it's just groceries, clothes, or home appliances. Oydada.com pays you for your purchases. Since its launch, Oydada.com has already paid back more than 10,000 cashbacks of over $100 in cash rewards to the top 100 of its first customers.

We launched in the autumn of 2022, and today our customer base is rapidly expanding every day. We pay cashback guaranteed, and in case of a loss, we consider the appeal positively towards the client. Oydada.com users save insanely large amounts of money every month, and we managed to return more than $20,000 in the first months of 2023. We cooperate with such giant companies as Aliexpress, Shein, and Adobe.

Oydada.com refunds money from online purchases at over 5000 stores around the world and we give a 100% guarantee that our cashback rates are the best.

Why do we pay money to customers? We have strong partnerships with retailers who spend money on advertising. This allows us to share our profits with you. We have the widest selection of available stores where you can get the highest cashback on online purchases.

We save you money on some products during the holiday seasons.

We are here to help you save.