Rules for making purchases with cashback

1. Disable third-party extensions

Some extensions can overwrite affiliate links and assign all cashback. In particular, we found the following extensions: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, as well as VPN/Proxy/Socks extensions and others. If possible, disable all third-party extensions in the browser from which you make purchases with cashback.

2. Buy in one browser session

Make a purchase immediately after switching from the service. If you went to the store's website, added/removed an item from the cart, closed the site, returned an hour later and completed the purchase, there is a high probability that the cashback will not be credited. And in order not to lose the product you like, you can add it to "My desires" or "Favorites". An item can only be added to the cart after navigating from

3. Order only online.

When placing an order by phone or with the help of a store consultant during the purchase process, cashback is not credited. At the same time, you can choose any payment and delivery method available in the store.

4. Cashback is credited on the actually paid cost of the goods.

Most stores provide a reward for the actual cost of the goods - excluding shipping costs; minus used discounts, coupons, promotional codes, bonus points, funds from the store's internal balance.

5. Get to know the features of stores.

Before buying, read the features, conditions and rates of the store. If the store has specific conditions for cashback accrual, we publish this information on the store page.

6. Purchases from mobile devices/apps.

Cashback from purchases via mobile devices is lost more often than from a computer. This is due to the fact that the mobile versions of many stores do not contain a special code required to capture and track cashback. Shop on your computer whenever possible.

7. Orders for a legal entity.

Cashback on orders placed for a legal entity in some cases may not be recorded or rejected.